How to prepare for the Practical and Theory paper?

Take a few print outs of recent past papers and open mark scheme plus your textbook and any other notes you have and then


1-Read the question carefully
2-underline the thing they want(always helps me)
3- Read what it says in notes and textbook and compare with mark scheme and choose the most relevant points!
(I am saying to check the mark scheme because all points might not be in the textbook and this sometime mark scheme has more simple answers)
4-Write down the points make sure your sentences are linked to case given (if any)
5-Make sure you write complete sentences and not phrases !
6-Read your answer IT MUST MAKE SENSE and be direct so that the examiner does not hesitate to give marks
7-learn your answer in away you will remember it and when you do the next paper if the same question repeates DONT BE OVERCONFIDENT do it ! it will be
like test of how much you know and remember.

try all variants dont leave out any question after doing two years do the third one as a test do not sneak peak into marking scheme and TIME yourself


1-Make sure you what they wand you do to (for eg. you are going to create a a presentation for a company means you will work with MS powerpoint)
2-Download a few years question papers mark schemes and supporting files
3-got to youtube,then open your question paper and read the first part,then type the year and paper in youtube search bar and watch a tutorial and do it step by step follow the video!
4-After you are done with one software for eg WORD part dont continue the same paper go and do the word part for 2 more papers by yourself!
5-check answers with markscheme accurately
6-repeat this for all softwares dont miss any parts of questions and note down the time you take for excel read question carefully and try to make up formula dont memorise you might confuse yourself but by reading the q find out which formula to use
and what they hav provided.

try to finish AT LEAST 2007-2013 all variants and sessions

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