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IGCSE Exam 8 more weeks

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IGCSE Exam 8 more weeks
by Louis Frederick Rakotoarison - Sunday, 6 August 2017, 11:18 AM


Our ICGSE exam will start exactly in 8 weeks.
Plan, Learn, Practice all past papers at least from 2014.

Paper 1Theory paper, you have a lot to do so do not wait until the last minute. Make a "cheat sheet" or "mind map" in order to summarise the theory.
DO NOT LEAVE the question BLANK. If you do not understand nor you do not remember just guess.

Paper 2: This is a practical paper about Document production (Word processing), Data manipulation (Database) and Presentation authoring (PowerPoint).

Paper 3This is a practical paper about Data analysis ( Spreadsheet Excel) and Website authoring (HTML and CSS).  

For all papers wether practical or theory, DO NOT START IMMEDIATELY, ALWAYS read through the entire paper at least once to understand what is the paper talking about.

Differentiate between: List, Give, Explain, Describe etc. Sometimes the theory paper is using the word "DRAWBACK" instead of "Disadvantages". They are synonym.